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2018-2019 Rotary Club of Saginaw roster



Evelyn Mudd, president

Cathy Tafel , president elect

Deanna Hurtig, past president

Linda Hegenauer, secretary

Laura Crase, treasurer

Ricardo Verdoni, director

Mark Fischer, director

Eric DeVos, director

Marc Kaeckmeister, director 



Rod Bieber, chair

Deanna Hurtig



Carl Hubinger, chair


Public relations

David Oppermann, chair

Ricardo Verdoni



Pat Shelley, chair



Mark and Andrea Fischer


Greeters/Check In

Donna Adams, chair 


Property management

Mark Fischer, chair

Ricardo Verdoni


Social Media/web page

Suzanne Kart, chair

Janet Martineau

Cathy Tafel




Deanna Hurtig, chair

Bill Priest, Tiger game

Janet Boes, SVSU tailgate

Deanna Hurtig, PRIDE parade

Ricardo Verdoni, bike rally

Dave Oppermann, bike rally

Deanna Hurtig, club holiday luncheon




RYLA/Camp Rotary

Pat Shelley


Dictionary project

Cathy Tafel, chair

Gary Fahndrich

Jim Hayes 

Bill Priest

Jennifer Harden

Carl Hubinger

Evelyn Mudd

Melissa Spranger

Jon Webb

Bill Koepke

Dave Oppermann

Ricardo Verdoni

Linda Hegenauer 


Bee for Literacy

Evelyn Mudd, chair

Cathy Tafel


Little Free Library

Alan Ells, chair


Christmas giving

Cathy Tafel, chair 

Laura Crase


Zoo garden

Mark Fischer, chair

Andrea Fischer

Cathy Tafel

Deanna Hurtig


Bell ringing

Thom Moffitt, chair


World Polio Day 10/24



World Handwashing Day 10/15



Rotary Baseball Team

Cathy Tafel, chair 




Saginaw on Stage

Bill Koepke, chair

Dave Oppermann

Eric DeVos

Pat Shelley

Suzanne Kart


Swing Into Action Golf Scramble

Cathy Tafel, co-chair

Laura Crase, co-chair

Melissa Spranger

Gary Fahndrich

Janet Martineau 

Marc Kaechmeister


CMED Thanks for Staying

Deanna Hurtig, chair 





Committees marked with * are required by Article 8 of the Rotary Club of Saginaw Bylaws]  
Club Administration*
  Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors:  
  David Gamez  - President
  Cathy Tafel - President Elect 
  Shellene Thurston – Secretary
  Laura Crase - Treasurer
  Deanna Hurtig - Immediate Past-President
  Ricardo Verdoni  
  Mark Fischer
  Red Hawkins DeVos
  Marc Kaeckmeister

Membership *                                                                          
  Rod Bieber [Chair]              
  David Gamez                                        
  Deanna Hurtig                                                                    
  Ursula Steckert  
Public Relations*                                                              
  Ken Santa [Chair]                                                        
  Thom Moffitt                                                                 
  John Nagy
  Ricardo Verdoni
Service Projects*
    Water Project – District/RI Grant: Carl Hubinger [Chair], Ricardo Verdoni,  Alan Ells  
    Rotary Youth Leadership Camp: Pat Shelley
    Bee for Literacy: Evelyn Mudd
    Bell Ringing: Thom Moffit, Pat Shelley
    Dictionaries: Jim Hayes [Co-Chair], Cathy Tafel [Co-Chair], Carl Hubinger, Maria McCarville
    Christmas family: Cathy Tafel, Thom Moffit, Laura Crase
    World Polio Day: Ursula Steckert, Janet Boes, Maria McCarville                          
   Rotary Foundation*: Pete Bender, Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors, Carl Hubinger  
   Rotary Club of Saginaw Foundation: Tom Braley, Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors
   Camp Rotary Foundation: Carl Hubinger, Pete Bender, Pat Shelley, Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors                    
Weekly meetings:
   Check-In - Melissa Spranger [Treasurer]          
   Sergeant at Arms - Ricardo Verdoni                                 
   Prayer - Jim Mitchell, Jim Hayes                            
   Piano - Dave Oppermann
   Speakers - Andrea Fischer
    Saginaw on Stage: Bill Koepke, Dave Oppermann, Eric DeVos, Jayme Grzegorczye, Pat Shelley
    Golf Scramble: Gary Fahndrich chair, Melissa Spranger, Ros Argyle,  David Jaffe, Cathy Tafel.                                    
Facebook, photos, web pagmgmt - Janet Martineau
Nominating Carl Hubinger, Jim Mitchell                                            
Rotaract - Jill Armentrout, Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors                                                  
Student Exchange: Jill Armentrout
  - Social    
    Tiger Game: Bill Priest, Tom Braley
    Hockey Game & Social Hour: Spirit @ Dow-Saginaw Club: Jim Hayes, Janet Boes, Bill Priest
    Christmas Party: Deanna Hurtig,  Ursula Steckert
    SVSU Football Game Tailgate 
     Camp Rotary Trip: Deanna Hurtig
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