Rotary Club of Saginaw

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         Rotary Club of Saginaw Committees & Activities  - 2015-2016
[Committees marked with * are required by Article 8 of the Rotary Club of Saginaw Bylaws]  
Club Administration*
  Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors:  
  Janet Boes - President
  Melissa Spranger - President Elect and Treasurer
  Janet Martineau – Secretary
  Ken Santa - Immediate Past-President
  Ricardo Verdoni  
  Deanna Hurtig
  Todd Farley  
  Cameron Brady  
  Cathy Tafel
Membership *                                                                          
  Rod Bieber [Chair]              
  David Gamez                                        
  Deanna Hurtig                                                        
  Kathryn Crockett                  
  Ursula Steckert  
Public Relations*                                                              
  Ken Santa [Chair]                                                        
  Thom Moffitt                                                                 
  John Nagy
  Ricardo Verdoni
Service Projects*
    Water Project – District/RI Grant: Carl Hubinger [Chair], Ricardo Verdoni,  Alan Ells  
    Rotary Youth Leadership Camp: Pat Shelley
    Bee for Literacy: Evelyn Mudd
    Bell Ringing: Thom Moffit, Pat Shelley
    Dictionaries: Jim Hayes [Co-Chair], Cathy Tafel [Co-Chair], Carl Hubinger, Maria McCarville
    Christmas family: Cathy Tafel, Thom Moffit, Laura Crase, Kathryn Crockett
    World Polio Day [Oct. 24, 2015]:Ursula Steckert, Janet Boes, Maria McCarville                          
   Rotary Foundation*: Pete Bender, Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors, Carl Hubinger  
   Rotary Club of Saginaw Foundation: Tom Braley, Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors
   Camp Rotary Foundation: Carl Hubinger, Pete Bender, Pat Shelley, Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors                    
Weekly meetings:
   Check-In - Melissa Spranger [Treasurer]          
   Sergeant at Arms - David Gamez                                  
   Prayer - Jim Mitchell, Jim Hayes                            
   Piano - David Oppermann
   Speakers/Program -  Laura Crase  
    SOS Feb 26, 2016: Bill Koepke, Dave Oppermann, Eric DeVos, Jayme Grzegorczye, Pat Shelley
    Golf Scramble Sept. 18, 2015: Gary Fahndrich chair, Melissa Spranger, Ros Argyle, Jill Lindenberg, Scott Lindenberg, David Jaffe, Cathy Tafel.                                    
Facebook, photos, web page mgmt - Janet Martineau
Nominating Carl Hubinger, Jim Mitchell                                            
Rotaract - Jill Lindenberg, Dawn Luptowski, Rotary Club of Saginaw Board of Directors                                                  
Student Exchange: Melissa Spranger
Miscellaneous: Sam Merrill, Dawn Shuell, Kathryn Crockett,   Scott Lindenberg                          
Activities - Social    
    Tiger Game: Bill Priest, Tom Braley
    Hockey Game & Social Hour: Spirit @ Dow-Saginaw Club [Sat. Jan. 16, 2016] -  Jim Hayes, Janet Boes, Bill Priest
    Christmas Party: Deanna Hurtig,  Ursula Steckert
    SVSU Football Game Tailgate 
     Camp Rotary Trip