You know that old adage that “it takes a village”?

Well, all you village people involved in the April 29 Saginaw on Stage fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Saginaw….WOW, just WOW!

Through your generous collective efforts we raised nearly $11,000 to share among our 2022 designated beneficiaries — percussion instruments for the Saginaw Bay Youth Orchestra , an amp and instructor pay for Major Chords for Minors, and scholarships for the Pit and Balcony Class Act summer youth workshops.

… Thank you to our 16 sponsors. We know economic times are really tough and you are coming off dealing with Covid, but you came through.

… Thank you to The  Saginaw Club for not charging us rent in using your facility, all three floors in every nook and cranny. Rental fees in our past 16 years had really cut into our profits. And did your staff ever work hard that day and night. 

… Thank you to the more than 100 performers who donated their time. Bands, singer/songwriters, actors, even a dance instructor. You too are trying to resurrect careers after a two-year Covid shut down, but still volunteered your time to Saginaw on Stage. And shared information about it on your Facebook pages.

… Thank you to our 181 attendees who purchased tickets to attend as well those who bought 50-50 raffle tickets. We were hoping for 250 but we know also that many of you are still nervous about attending public events.

… Thank you to the six radio stations, two newspapers and one television station who did interviews with our committee members.

… And thank you to The Saginaw Art Museum who loaned us a set of risers for band equipment, saving us a rental fee.

We did it, this village.